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Terms and Conditions

Alez Movers clearly defines and states its terms and conditions for the customers. This is to avoid any confusion or dispute. We make sure that we move your belongings as professionally, safely and effectively as possible. Terms & conditionWith some general terms and conditions, we are sure you will be relaxed to have pleasing and stress free moving with us.

Some general conditionsare as follows:

Alez Movers may change the rates of packages or make some extra charges if situations are found to apply that may have not been taken into consideration at the time or quoting or taking the amount.

Boxes need to be closed tightly, doors locked, etc to reduce the chances of damage during the move and transportation. In case of full service or packing from our side, we are responsible for the packaging part.

When required, we will provide you the proof of delivery and move through phone or mail. This facility is made available without any charges. In case written proof is required, you need to pay extra for that.

All expensive items like jewelry, money and others need to be with you or under your supervision. We are not responsible for any loss of these items.

You are sole responsible to make us know in writing the exact or near exact value of all items that are to be moved or stored.

In case of any damage, you need to tell us the damage occurrence in presence of movers, further giving this in writing. We are not responsible for any complaints after the move is complete and the professionals have left your place.

Alez Moversreserves allrightsto cancel the contract without providing any compensation in case of strikes, fire, flood or other natural disasters.

Delays may take place during the move because of traffic, poor weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances and so cannot be compensated.

You have to prepare properly the electronic appliances or equipment before the move. Defrost, empty the refrigerators or freezers. Our company is not responsible for damage to your contents.

Automobiles, fine art, antiques, trailers and some other items need to be valued at the replacement cost at the destination, keeping in account the costs of shipping, carrier and duty charges.

When you move with us, you agree to all these terms and conditions automatically.

Go through the terms and conditions very carefully to avoid any sort of confusions from your end. In case you have any queries, contact us before placing your order. If you want to know about other things and terms that are not listed here, speak to us and we will be happy to let you know everything in detail.

With such clear and easy terms and conditions, we are sure working with Alez Moverswill not be a problem for you. We are always there to offer you the best moving and storage services. Cooperate with us for having the best services in the industry. You will simply love your decision of moving with our professionals.

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