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Piano Movers

Relocating or moving your belongings from one place to the other tends to be a nerve racking task. This becomes more worrisome when you need to move costly items like pianos. Piano moving requires special technique, proper Piano Movescare and so an ordinary person cannot do the same when it comes to moving the piano to a new location.

Piano moving

At Alez Movers, we move your pianos with due care. It has been seen that moving companies rate piano as most difficult thing to be moved. Many a times, the piano needs complete dismantling and reassembling. Thus at such times, services of Alez Moverspiano moving comes handy. With proper resources and great experience in the field of piano moving, we ensure that your precious piano arrives at the new location in proper shape and condition. We make use of special protection covers and packages so that the piano is moved without any hassle. In case the piano needs to be moved to a distant location or to a new state, our expert movers will make sure that they make use of required safeguards to make the move without any damages.

Our working approach

Various procedures are used by our experts to pack, label, transport, unload and unpack the pianos. With high expertise in moving the pianos, we proudly announce ourselves as the licensed and legal professional piano movers. Our representatives are highly professional in moving the pianos. They very well know the procedure to move the musical instrument. As the instrument is very delicate, extra care is taken off during the transportation. Irrespective of the location where the piano has to be moved, hiring our services will surely turn out to be a good decision for you.


The charges of our piano moving services depend on the distance and volume of difficulty involved in moving the item. We make it a point that each part of your piano is kept carefully and intact. Part of the piano like base, strings, keys, outer structure and cover are carefully handled by our experts. Because the instrument is fragile and precious, we make sure that you do not regret your decision when you move with us. With nice reputation and name in the market, Alez Movers piano moving service is loved by many people.

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You can ask the quote or estimate and we will be happy to give you the rough idea about your piano moving needs. Also, as we want you to never compromise on anything when you hire our services, the same applies for pricing as well. We make sure that the services you take come under your set budget.

Relax when you move the piano with us as our staff is trained specially on how to best move the pianos. Thus, the chances of any mishandling aresignificantly reduced. So, move your piano and other belongings with us SAFELY and EASILY.

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