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Packing & Unpacking

The most bothering thing about moving or relocating is the packing & unpacking chore. People often find it difficult to manage all this on their own and seek for an aide. This aide is provided by us at Alez Movers, the expert moving service provider offering professional relocation services in Florida.Packing & UnpackingWe are a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are serving the clients with our Florida relocation and moving services since a long time. Operating all over Florida and various other nearby places, we provide you expert packing and unpacking services at your door step for Florida residents. Alez Movers has a reputation of being the best and the most reliable Florida relocation services and moving service provider. We serve all kinds of moving requirements- be it in commercial or residential sphere. There is no such domain of the moving services that we cannot handle. So when it comes to packing and unpacking services, our expert professionals will do it for you in no time. In our Florida packing and unpacking services, we offer:

  • Use of bubble wraps to protect the delicate properties like the glassware
  • Wooden boxes to store and protect ornamental properties like wall art etc.
  • Customised separate boxes to store books, mattresses, large and heavier gadgets, etc.
  • Use of furniture pads, wooden casings, pads and other protective stuff wherever necessary
  • All the Florida packing jobs are carried out by our professionally skilled employees. It makes us a reliable packing and moving service provider altogether

Well this is what Alez Movers as the professional Florida packing service has to share with the customers. But what Alez Movers as a Florida relocation service provider has to share with you is something different. It may not be always required to hire a professional mover to get things done. Or there are situations where you tend to do packing jobs on your own so as to be satisfied about safety of your belongings. In such cases, you need to pay attention on a few things. Here we have summarized the major points to remember while packing and unpacking your properties. Points to remember while packing & unpacking on your own:

  1. First and foremost requirement-prepare a checklist of all the items. It helps you in packing as well as unpacking.
  2. Use of cartons and wooden boxes is a must. You cannot just carry things in paper bags like that. It is neither safe nor advisable. How big or small your stuffs may be, always make use of cartons to carry them.
  3. Mark the carton containing breakable or fragile articles with a marker. It helps toprevent damages due to lenient handling.
  4. Arrange things in boxes by matching their size and shape. It will accommodate more stuff in less number of boxes.
  5. While unpacking your stuff, always start with the essential things first.
  6. Second priority should be given to the kitchen goods. They are necessary as well as fragile.

Well there is no limit for the management of things while on the move. Alez Movers staff is always there to help you out with their Florida packing and unpacking services.

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