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Moving Day Planning

Moving Day Planning

So finally you have found the dream home you were looking for and are moving out in a couple of days or you got accepted to the college of your choice and now you need to take everything into a new city and need help with getting things packed up. But the thing is you are nervous now. Unsure if you have packed everything or it is simply your first time and you need some guidelines to follow and here you are on this page looking for some tips for moving day planning. So here it is, a small compilation of things to do on the day you are moving out to ensure minimal hassle and maximum relief.

One Last Walk

Give your house one last walk through along with the movers if necessary to ensure you have packed up everything and are not leaving anything behind. This involves checking one last time places like an attic, garage, cupboards, etc.

Clean Up Before You Go

It is a sign of goodwill that you clean up your house by vacuuming up the whole place before you finally move out. It is a friendly gesture for anyone moving in after you at your place so they come across a nice comfortable and clean house when they move in and you move out.


It is best to turn off and double check any gas pipelines and furnaces that may be present in the house. The last thing you want is your old memory burned down to the ground because of some mistake you made or worse, have someone get hurt because of it. So always check and cross check that all flammable stuff has been shut down and shut away in any way they cannot harm.

Lock the Place Up

Once you are moving out finally and haven’t exactly transferred ownership of your house yet, it is a good practice and an encouraged one to lock down the whole house. This means all the windows, doors, and any other basements doors or whatsoever when you are moving out of the house.

Residential Damage

Be safe and make sure you are aware of all the damages if any, and fill up and submit the residential damage form to the movers on the day you are moving out. It is better to be safe than sorry. Check all boxes and ensure nothing is damaged or broken before submitting the damage claim.


When you finally move into the new place, start by unpacking your essential stuff. That means clothing that is necessary and basic furniture like coaches and all, to get comfortable in your new home. It is not advised that you unpack all of the things in one go but rather start slowly and unpack all your items gradually. It is not like you are going anywhere else anytime soon you know!


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