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It depends on how much stuff you have to move. Typically, it would take three to four hours to load the trucks if everything is already packed. We also have special packing services that you can hire to experience a complete hassle free moving.
Our professionals are well trained to handle everything perfectly. If you want to help, just stay relaxed and allow the helpers do their job. Keep pets and kids in a room other than the room that stores all the boxes to be moved.
We can move your car very professionally. You may get it moved from door to door or you can also choose to use car carrier to transport your car from the source to the destination.
We only use high quality boxes and water proof container. If you undertake our services for packing as well, we would make sure that everything is packed appropriately so that no damage occurs to your belongings.
In spite of our safety arrangements, you still need additional insurance in order to protect your belongings against any unforeseen mishaps like fire, accidents, riots, and sabotage etc during the move.
We do have a climate controlled storage facility that can be requested in advance. We can store your items for as long as you want at very reasonable charges.
Absolutely not. Ours is a totally no obligation moving company. The estimates we provide on our website or on phone are totally free. We would never pressurize you to take up our services. The information you provide us would be kept confidential as we value your privacy.
Yes, our trained professionals would take every care to first dismantle your piano, load it to the truck and attentively move it to the final destination. At the destination, our professionals would reassemble the piano in the required room. Same level of care is taken to move your electronic and delicate items such as washing machines, fridge and music player etc.
The charges must be paid before the trucks move from the original location. We also recommend not paying any additional tip or bonus to the helpers.
There are many factors to contribute to be accurate about the time taken to move. If it is a local move, the entire process can be finished in few hours and if it is a long distance move, several hours may be taken to load the trucks and few days to safely deliver your items. It is recommended to book your move with the company as soon as possible in order to get the items delivered on the desired date.
Yes, we do not move following items for safety purposes: Jewelry Currency Important and confidential documents Gas cylinders or stoves Flammable items Oils and motor fuels Aerosol cans Matches While we survey your items to be moved, we would clearly inform you what type of items cannot be moved.
Of course, you can get the quote for as less as just moving a bed set but most of the moving companies would charge the minimum fees which may appear to be quite high for only moving one or two items.
While preparing an estimate, we use the standard weight table to determine the shipment weight according to the listed items. On the final day of the move, the truck is accurately weighed at a certified weighing station before and after loading the items. The difference between two measured weighs determines the actual weight of the shipment for your final move.
Depending upon items to be moved and whether you have family and friends to help, usually three movers that include a driver along with 2 or more helpers may appear. If you have more items to be moved, we may send few more.
We are professionals and thus we totally understand the possible damages that could happen to your household items. To protect all the things we transport, we use special packing materials like furniture pads and bubble wraps for glassware and fragile items to safely deliver everything to your new location. Special packing skills and arrangement is one of the top reasons why it is always recommended to hire professional assistance like us for packing your items.
No, charges that we provide for the requested services in a binding estimate are the total amount that we charge without any hidden charges whatsoever. Our estimate includes charges for every requested service or the services that we deem is necessary for the move and for any additional service, we would add it to the estimate.
A binding estimate is a final estimate with precise cost estimation depending on the services requested, distance to be traveled, and quantity of the items to be etc. However, if any additional services is required or requested at the original position or at the destination, prices may increase.
An estimate is an idea of what would be the charges for your move. An estimate can greatly help you to plan your budget and compare services over prices of various moving companies. A rough estimate can be provided online or over the phone; however, an exact estimate can only be given once we have physically surveyed the household items to be moved, distance to be traveled and other essential aspects.
It is quite normal to be puzzled about such an immense thing as moving. It’s really good that you know the date of your move as it is the only thing that you need to inform us and rest would efficiently be handled by us. Depending upon what you hire us for, our extensive services include packing, loading, and unloading, so you can personalize our services as per your needs. We would make sure that your belongings are safely transported to the destination. You can call us to get a quote and move.
Firstly, we are licensed and insured movers in Florida to offer excellent moving services. Our staff is highly dedicated, friendly, and proficient in their job. We handle your belongings safely to deliver them right on time, every time. We put in every effort to make your moving experience pleasant and relaxed.
Yes, we can securely transport your electronic appliances like television, home theatre systems, PC, and desktop systems. We can also assist you with disassembling and assembling of the appliances at the destined location.
According to the services requested, we would take complete care of packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking of your belongings safely, however, you can segregate the items you want us to transport and the items you may like to take with yourself, rest assured, everything else would be taken care by us.
Yes, we have a fleet of clean and well maintained trucks and vehicles to manage all your transport requirements. We pay full attention to the cleanliness and hygiene to keep our transport vehicles in the best condition for suitable services.
Our staff is well trained and equipped with all the necessary tools and goods like bubble wraps, wooden boxes, furniture pads and customized boxes to safely pack and transport delicate and fragile items. You can completely rely on our proficient staff to take good care of all your properties. We also have liability insurance to cover the damages (if any) to your belongings.
Yes, if you need to store some of your residential or official items with us, we have dependable storage with complete security and climate control. We have our storage setup with CCTV surveillance and advanced alarm systems.
We can of course deliver or pick up your belongings to and from multiple locations without any extra charges to make your moving easier.
For liability reasons, we do not transport the customers. Neither do we recommend you to follow the truck in your own vehicle as it is typically not required. We take a proper inventory of the boxes or items we transport and we take complete responsibility to deliver your belongings at the destination in its original condition.
Yes, we completely understand that there may be circumstances when you may like to pack and unpack your valuable belongings yourself and we can render efficient and safe loading and unloading services as required by you. We provide customized solutions.
We recommend scheduling your moving with us as soon as you can to avoid last minute hassles. Although we can also arrange for urgent moving requirements but we request you to allow us 3-4 weeks time to accommodate your moving request. We also request to timely inform us in advance if there is any change in the moving schedule.
Want to drop something to your friend’s place before you reach your final destination? Sure go ahead we do it with a smileand we do not charge any extra amount for the multiple stops. You can even stop by the storage units to drop or collect your things with no extra charge at all.
Our fleet comprises of trucks that are spacious enough to carry all your goods easily without any kind of complications. You don’t have to worry about the size and other requirements for efficient movement of your goods. Our vehicles are equipped with all devices needed for a safe drive.
We provide you with a professional claim process which is carried out by experienced and expert adjusters. They are well versed with state and federal claims guidelines. Our compensation policies are the most advantageous in the whole moving sector. They will make it easier for you to enjoy our reliable services.
Alez Movers cover all the regions of Florida with our expert moving services. With our services you can transfer your goods to any part of Florida and other neighboring areas with ease.
We Alez Movers are legally licensed and insured moving service provider.
You definitively will benefit from our economical services around. We charge on hourly basis and you need not to hire us for the whole day. You can make some arrangements on your own to make moving services more economical. Some steps you can follow include: Be ready before the movers arrive. Pack your things on time and if possible take them out of your homes. Make your electronics and other items arranged well like your stereo system and computer. Take apart all their components and pack them well. These services can be carried out by us as well but to make things more economic, you can do all this on your own.
Well there is nothing magical about our services. We are simple and efficient moving service providers who provide you the same conventional moving services but with more reliable and better approach. With our services on the offer, you need not to worry about what you want to move. We can move mountains (well you are not going to ask us for this!!); seriously we provide moving services for all kinds of goods. We also provide additional aide for the movements of delicate properties like pianos etc.
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