Top "Forget Me Not" Items While Moving

In a flurry of thousand things to be packed and managed for moving, even the most organized people may forget many important items causing trouble later on at the new location. Here is the list of top “forget me not” items that you must take care of:


  1. Records: Collect your family’s records from school, college or work place. Do not forget the medical records to be obtained from your veterinarian, dentist and vaccine or medication records. These records would be most required to bring your life on the right track in your new place.
  2. Old Phone Numbers: Irrespective of you or the moving company while packing the belongings, never forget the old address and phonebook to stay in touch with people who could be of great help, in case you need some documents or assistance from the earlier location from where you moved.
  3. Given For Service Items: Do not forget to collect back the items you might have given for repair or service like watch, shoes, clothes to be dry cleaned etc.
  4. Bank account transfers: If possible, either transfer your bank accounts or have a new account opened near your new location, so that you have some in-hand funds when you critically require it to settle down in your new home.
  5. Map And Address: No matter how hurried your apartment movers may be, never forget to pick the route map and the new address for hassle free moving experience.
  6. Remember Your Pets: Check with your movers to avail suitable moving services to take your pets along. Otherwise, you may have to arrange taking them with you. Check the new lease contract in advance with regards to pets.
  7. Nick And Nash: Check your property twice before leaving. Make sure no box's left unloaded.