Tips to avoid getting conned by moving company

Every year, so many people relocate and with relocation arises the need of hiring a moving company in Tampa FL. With the moving services business booming there has been a huge rise in the number of fraudulent moving companies. Goods missing after being picked up from the house by apartment movers. Companies withholding goods at ransom until more money is given, these are just some of the tactics that these companies use to wreak havoc. While a lot of sites have been setup in recent times which publish blacklisted companies, these are ghost companies which keep changing their names, making it difficult to track them, and here are few helpful tips to watch out for before engaging services of any movers Tampa FL:

  1. Go with a well established name: This is a failsafe option as there's been a demonstrated performance, moreover going with an established name also allows you to access to a lot of reviews
  2. Check that the moving company actually exists at the address which the website claims to be
  3. Don’t get fooled or tempted by ridiculously low prices
  4. Check the credentials: All movers need to be registered with FMCSA (Federal Motors Carrier Safety Association). There are also scores of sites that have a list of all the blacklisted movers.
  5. The best way to avoid unscrupulous demand for money is to prepare beforehand a legally enforceable contract which covers everything down to the minutest detail.
  6. Avoid payment of upfront money since most reputed movers look for payment only after delivery.
  7. The general rule is that one must get at least three estimates so that if one of them is unreasonably low, then you can definitely avoid that moving company
  8. Taking help of your local real estate agent is also a good idea to advise the best Tampa movers