No more Annoying, Just Adventurous!-Various types of moving services

The services that are provided by moving companies are varied and can be customized as per your needs. Here we have put forward about different moving services available to help you make a quick and smart choice. Self moving services, corporate relocation, auto transport and packing service are some of the options that are offered by today's moving companies. Let us look at each type in detail to know better about their advantages.

Packing service: In this service, the company is responsible for the packing of the items that are to be transported to the new destination. The company has immense experience in this field and knows exactly the type of packing a particular item needs. For example, the delicate items are wrapped with tissue papers before packing for extra protection against any damage during transportation. The apartment movers will take care of the packing part while you can look after other crucial matters like relocating.

Self moving service: By opting for the self moving service you are actually hiring a truck or a moving pod from the company. All the packing and transportation of the items is solely up to you. The advantage of this kind of service is that the customer has to pay just for the weight or the space occupied in the truck for the transport. Once you are done with the packing and loading, you are ready to move. So if you are low on budget and can do the packing part all by yourself then this is the service you should go for.

Auto transport: This service is made for those who want to relocate their car to a longer distance but do not want to drive it there. In auto transport, the hired company will collect your car from your home, load it in the truck and deliver it at a given destination. They take full responsibility of the car and you are eligible to file a claim in case of any damage done to your car.

Moving boxes: It is very necessary to pack the fragile items carefully for transportation as they are much prone to damage. There are many movers that offer moving boxes on rent. There are boxes of various sizes and types like the wardrobe boxes or corrugated boxes and the likes. China boxes can be used to store fragile items and the picture boxes to store the picture frames safely.

Small office and Big Corporate relocation: It is not an easy task to relocate an office or corporate stuff from one place to another. It is wise to seek the help of a professional moving company in such situations. Companies offering such services are also referred to as office movers. They efficiently move all your records, files, and equipments from one place to another without mixing up a single file.



10 Aug 2017
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