Moving Tips for your Pets

Moving is stressful, even for your pets. While keeping the pet safe can be your first concern, keeping them happy and calm is equally important. You may need some special arrangements done for peaceful pet moving before you move, on the day of the move and after you have moved to the new place. Here are some caring tips:


    Before you Move
  1. Check for the state pet laws of your new place and if you are renting a home, make sure that pets are allowed. Read the lease document carefully
  2. You may need to consult your veterinarian about moving your pet to get some medication, in order to lessen their moving stress. Collect pet medical records and take additional vaccines and medicines, if your pet is under some medical care. You can also ask the vet to refer a reliable vet in your new location
  3. Get an identification tag with pet’s name, your name, new address and contact number, just in case!
  4. Maintain the regular routine
  5. Look for moving services that have special arrangements and experience to carry pets along
    On the Moving Day
  1. Check with your moving company to get a cozy pet carrier or else arrange for it yourself
  2. If your moving company is carrying the pet, instruct them to feed them regularly and keep a check on them
  3. Also communicate special pet requirements like medicine or special feeds to your movers
    At your New place
  1. Arrange for a cozy new home or shed for the pet at earliest
  2. Get in touch with the recommended or nearest vet to treat you pet if he or she shows some signs of stress like lack of appetite or any change in behavior
  3. Keep your pet in a quiet place while unloading trucks and arranging stuff