Protection Coverage Terms & Conditions

Alez Movers always try to provide full security to the properties of their customers. However if there is any kind of damage or loss to the items during the Protection Coverage Terms & Conditionstransition process they all will be subjected to following terms and conditions. 1. Our protection coverage The protection coverage isfor all the risks involved in any kind of damage or loss to the items that are being delivered. All the protection coverage policies are applicable only for the time period starting from the collection of goods from source to their delivery todestination including the transit duration as well. There are some exclusions and provision for the items covered as follows. 2. Provisions and Exclusions

  • For the full recovery of the claim amount, it is necessary that the goods involved should be insured at source venue for their full value.
  • The claims for pair forming and other such articles areprovided only if additional coverage is being purchased previously.
  • Goods that are being packed by the owners are not entitled for the compensations of any kind.
  • Valuation protection is not offered for these items: jewellery, coins, watches, precious stones, trinkets, securities, plants and livestock unless specified writings.
  • The valuation protection does not include wear &tear, gradual deteriorations, pest infestation, consequential losses, electrical breakdowns and derangements.
3. STORAGE The storage protection covers, if valid,for householdgoods only for a period of 120 days including the loading and the unloading time as well. Thereafter the protection cover needs to be extended by paying additional premium for the benefits. In Case of automobiles, this period is limited to 60 days at the source and 30 days at the destination. Thereafter no protection cover is applicable without appropriateformalities. 4. THE MOVING CHARGES& REFUND POLICIES The protection also entitles you for the compensation on charges that you have paid for the carrier services in case of household goods only. There is no such facility being availed for any other good. Our Refund policies are as follows:
  • Full-Value Coverage
In this coverage the protection is availed for the properties to the amountyou declare. The deductible levels are as follows:
  1. No Deductible
  2. $250 deductible
  3. $500 deductible
  4. $1,000 deductible
  • Released Rate Liability
Under this liability scheme Alez Movers’ maximum liability is limited to 60 cents per pound per item. There are no charges for this liability option being a basic level liability. NOTE: For adding insurance to halls, buildings, stairs, etc. an additional feepayment is required. 5.THE CLAIM PROCEDURE For any kind of loss incurred during our services the full description of losses should be submitted to the claims department within 30 days. The total process of claims settlement can take up to 90 days depending on severity of the situation. The claim can be made by submitting the completed claim form that can be filled online or can be faxed or mailed. Your completedclaim form should besubmitted along with following documents as well:
  • A correctly filled and completed claim form
  • The photographs of the damaged properties
  • The total estimates for purchase bills, repair jobs and any other similarreceipts
  • For the delivery damages of items recognised onarrival, make a point to notify us in writing. Provide all the details about your the hiring and the carrier who is responsible for the delivery.
For any other query or for sending claims: Visit our website www.Alez Movers.comor write to us at:

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