The services of the movers often raise a number of questions in the minds of the customers and so they seek answers for numerous queries and inhibitions. At Alez Movers, we make sure that all your queries are answered and solved. Here we have tried to cover all the frequently asked questions of the customers. You will get most of your questions answered here:

Why should I opt for Alez Movers?

How will I get benefitted financially with your services?

Are you a licensed and insured mover service provider?

What all places you cover under your services?

What are the compensation policies for covering any kind of damage?

What vehicles are there in your fleet?

You provide the service of multiple stops?

How early to the actual moving date should I schedule with Alez?

I only need your services for loading and unloading; do you offer these services separately?

Can I also ride in the truck along with my belongings?

I need my belongings to be delivered at different locations, do you charge extra for this?

Do you offer storage facility?

Can you safely transport delicate and fragile items?

Would you have sufficient vehicles to transport my residential items?

Do I need to do any prior preparation for moving my stuff

Can you transport my electronic appliances?

Why should I only choose Alez?

I am so puzzled about my moving. I just know the date of my move, how can you help me?

Why do I need estimate?

What do you mean by binding estimate?

Are there some hidden charges?

Are you sure that you can transport my delicate household items safely?

How many movers would appear on the day of the move?

How would my shipment be weighed?

I only want to get my bed set moved. Can I get a moving quote?

Are there some items that you would not move?

How long would it take to move?

When Am I expected to pay the charges?

Can you move my piano?

While getting a quote from you, are there any obligations to use your services?

Can you temporarily store my items?

Why do I need insurance when you already have proper arrangements?

What type of boxes or containers would be used?

How can I get my car moved?

What am I expected to do while moving?

How long would it take to pack everything?

Do you also offer industrial relocation?

Have any more queries, speak to us and we will be happy to help you.