Commercial Movers

Commercial Moving Services from Alez Movers

Taking the stress out of moving

Alez Movers is an obvious choice when looking for professional movers to relocate offices and other commercial establishments. Doesn’t matter if you are shifting to the next floor of your building or moving to another part of the city or state, we’re there to help you.

On Time Every Time:

Time is a major factor during a corporate relocation. The move should be seamless and as stress free as possible. Even the most simple commercial relocation job needs detailed planning. You can’t afford to miss important documents. But our staff can simplify the job for you and ensure that you do not miss out on important details.

You can either choose us to pack or unpack the office belongings or do it yourself. If you choose us for the job, we’d appreciate if you could share the plan of the new location and decide before hand on the employee’s workstations and different offices. You can then share this plan with one of our staff to help us move things accordingly and in the right spots. With the names of employees written on every box, we can identify the boxes and place them in their right place. With these tactics, you can save time and get back to work as soon as possible.

Why are we the Best?

We’re licensed, insured and also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This means that we follow only industry accepted standards in terms of moving, packing, unpacking and handling of your items in general.

Besides books, files, and folders, we also help people to transport furniture, computers, and other essential equipments including documents, files, folders etc. You can move in to your new place, without as much as even lifting your finger. Just let us know of the things that you want us to move and we’ll do it for you.